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Independent Insurance Solutions

David Boczar deals with several well-positioned independent insurance general agencies to meet the needs of his clients, among them Crump, one of the country’s leading distributors of life insurance for independent professionals. Through the Crump national network, which links approximately 25,000 financial services professionals with the products manufactured by approximately 175 highly rated insurance companies,

David has access to a full line of life and health insurance services across major leading competing carriers. Crump supports the distribution of life, second-to-die, long-term care,disability and annuity products, with the industry's premier sales and back-office support services. Membership in the Crump independent insurance network is consistent with David’s over-riding objecting of putting the needs of his clients first by utilizing specific products and carriers that best suit his clients.

In addition to Crump, David partners with a range of specialized insurance professionals when larger or more complicated cases arise that require a higher degree of hands-on planning. This helps to ensure that David's clients receive the most advanced, efficient and tax effective insurance solutions possible.